Black Bee Honey
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What's in the jar?

Just the best tasting, raw British honey. Simple as that. We don't heat or blend our honey which ensures every jar contains all the flavour and nutritional benefits that real honey should.

Summer Honey

A taste of summer in a jar. Created by bees from a wonderful mix of wildflowers, this honey has a light colour and unique flavour. Sourced from the best British bee farms in the country.

London Honey

Sourced from our very own London apiaries. The huge variety of plants and trees in the cities parks and gardens gives this honey a mind blowing complexity of flavours.

British Heather Honey

The honey connoisseur’s choice and known as the British Manuka. This delicious British Ling Heather honey is made by bees in Exmoor National Park

Who is the Black Bee?

The Black Bee or Apis Mellifera Mellifera, is the original, native British honey bee. Black Bee Honey supports British bees and farmers by providing premium, raw honey sourced from the best British Bee farms.


where to find the black bee

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